Grandma Ann's Electric Grater

Electric Grater

Grates potatoes, yuca /cassava,

coconuts and hard cheese


Fast, Powerful, Durable

Not only is Grandma Ann’s Professional Electric Grater gorgeous, it’s the ultimate kitchen workhorse. Ideal for ethnic potato dishes like kugelis, latkes, and potato pancakes, this grater is perfect for grating cassava, yuca or shredded coconut. What used to take hours of grating now takes only minutes. Grandma Ann would be so proud.

Customer Reviews

14 pounds yuca 5 minutes..the machine is very quiet.when you lift handle it shuts help keep you safe....great machine..also buy a quality potato peeler.just great machine

– Christina from Bronx, NY

Great product! We cranked through 10 pounds of potatoes in less than 5 minutes. Sure beats taking hours to grate them by hand! Also VERY easy to clean and put back together.

– Chris from Chicago, IL

I shouldn't be writing a review on Easter morning but I needed to say how pleased I am with Grandma Ann's Grater. Grating potatoes for Polish Potato Dumplings by hand is a time consuming, bloody knuckle drudgery. This machine literally grated 15 pounds of potatoes in a few minutes which would have taken 20 times longer the old fashioned way. Now the worst part of making these potato dishes just became the easiest! When the machine arrived, the grater cylinder was out of round. I called the company and they shipped out another one that arrived the next day. Customer service was fantastic but I doubt I will need to call often because this machine is built like a tank and cleans up so easy!!!! I'm sure my Mother and Grandmother was looking down from Heaven with a few choice words when they saw how easy this machine created their old recipe.

– Michael

Every home should have one. It is very well made and it is so easy to clean. You can clean it and put it away before your hash-browns are ready to flip. It fine American craftsmanship at its best. It is versatile too. Grind coconut for candy, sweet potatoes, carrots, etc.fingers.

– Robert

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Grandma Ann's Electric Grater

43 reviews

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Grandma Ann's Electric Grater
Grandma Ann's Electric Grater Grandma Ann's Electric Grater Grandma Ann's Electric Grater Grandma Ann's Electric Grater


Durable nickel plated finish
Heavy-duty cast aluminum body
1/2-horsepower motor
Quick-release for easy cleaning
2.75 qt stainless steel bowl
1-year warranty
12.13" W x 7.47" D 13.27" H
19 lbs.   120V  550 Peak Watts


Grating is a cinch with this heavy duty electric grater. With only two pieces to wash, it’s easy to clean and even easier to assemble. It’s super versatile when it comes to grating — grate 10 lbs of potatoes or cassava in less than 2 minutes, shredded coconut, fresh grated cassava or yuca and horseradish. Durable and beautiful, this grater is certainly an heirloom to pass down to your kids or grandkids.

Due to a significant increase in sales we are currently sold out of graters at this time. We are grateful for the increase but do understand the disappointment for holiday season. We are currently building a new supply but will miss the Christmas season for delivery of product. We sincerely apologize as we did not anticipate significant increase in sales. We will announce when new machines will be available soon.

*Update 2/20/2020*  We were in the process of building new machines when the Corona Virus struck the world and due to travel restrictions our plant being shutdown for safety precautions were are experiences another production delay. Apple and many other companies are being affected by this so please be patient as we try to resolve this ASAP.

Please email and be the first to know when they are available for sale.

Thank you for your patience.


Brian Vaisnoras , President

We ship regular ground 2–4 biz days for all USA orders.


Grandma Ann's Electric Grater

Electric Cassava Grater

Grating cassava or yuca has never been so easy! This electric cassava grater will make grating yuca for pasteles a cinch!

Electric Potato Grater

Grate 10lbs of potatoes in less than 3min!

Electric Coconut Grater

Grating coconut is easy with this powerful electric coconut grater

Electric Grater

Save those knuckles!

Perfect for potato pancakes, pasteles de yuca, and shredded coconut

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