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Introducing the New Professional-Grade Electric Grater

Not only is Grandma Ann’s Professional Electric Grater gorgeous, it’s the ultimate kitchen workhorse. Ideal for ethnic potato dishes like kugelis, latkes, and potato pancakes, this grater is perfect for grating cassava, yuca or shredded coconut. What used to take hours of grating now takes only minutes. Grandma Ann would be so proud.

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  • How to make Grandma Ann’s Gluten Free Lithuanian Kugelis
  • How to make Grandma Ann’s Gluten Free Lithuanian Kugelis
  • History of Grandma Ann’s
  • History of Grandma Ann’s
  • How to Assemble Grandma Ann’s Electric Grater
  • How to Assemble Grandma Ann’s Electric Grater

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Every Great Recipe Deserves To Be Shared

Great recipes are like Grandma’s love: better when shared. We all have a favorite potato recipe (or two!). One that takes us back to warm cozy kitchens and the feel of Grandma’s too-big apron wrapped twice around our middle. Have a recipe that makes you feel that good? We’ll be collecting recipes like yours and posting them here for us all to share.

Grandma Ann’s Original Kugelis

This is the recipe that started it all. Grandma Ann made this recipe for our family for as long as any of us can remember. It’s the special treat we’d share at every family holiday and was the envy of everyone in our neighborhood. Her secret? The starch makes all the difference.

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Love your spuds? Then get your Grandma Ann’s Tee!

Learn About Grandma
Kugelis Maker Extraordinaire

Grandma Ann was famous for her Lithuanian kugelis, a traditional potato dish. She made it often, but only because she had a machine that would grate 10 pounds of potatoes in just the perfect consistency (something that could not be done with even the best food processor).

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