Grandma Ann Portrait and Background

What makes her kugelis so special? Grandma Ann

If you asked Grandma Ann what made her kugelis so delicious, she would surely have turned a little pink and said, “Well, it’s all about how you grate the potatoes.”

Grandma Ann

Grandma Ann’s Kugelis has always been a staple at family dinners and holiday celebrations. It is the one dish that EVERYONE of all ages enjoys...and hurries to for seconds. Over the years, it has been more than just a tasty potato side—it represents my Grandma being with us still at every family gathering. While Grandma Ann may no longer be in the kitchen to greet us with her warm smile, her favorite recipe sure is!

Helping Grandma with the preparation was one of the highest “honors” amongst her grandchildren, and this grater stands as a symbol of that. Grandma Ann’s best ingredient was the laughter and love that she shared with her family. Having Grandma Ann’s grater will truly bring you that special ingredient, too!

Try Grandma Ann’s kugelis recipe for yourself!

See Her Kugelis Recipe

The evolution of the Grandma Ann’s Potato Grater

Grandma Ann's original grater

The first Grandma Ann Grater

Grandma Ann was a busy, practical woman. She never compromised on the quality of her food, but she didn’t say “no” to a little help in the kitchen. So, when one of her neighbors put together a handy tool that made just-right grating go lickety-split, she didn’t hesitate to buy one. Having this new-fangled grater meant that family and friends got to enjoy kugelis a little more often (and that Grandma Ann had time to sit down and visit!).

Today's Grandma Ann's Grater

Today’s model

“Hand grated” goodness that’s easy to use and easy to clean. Our updated grater takes everything that made the original so popular — durability, speed and perfect grating — and adds an easy-to-clean design in attractive stainless steel that looks great no matter what your kitchen décor.